D&AD - Ted’s Moving to Stockholm

This year’s D&AD advertising brief was the challenge of introducing British fashion label - Ted Baker, to a new country.

I chose Sweden and built a campaign around the theme of Ted moving house to Stockholm, to set up his new store.



Ted Baker’s stores are filled with lavish furniture and decoration. The campaign takes this idea and installs the bus stations and train platforms of Stockholm with these furnishings to bring the experience of a Ted Baker store directly to the commuters.

This allows them to sit comfortably and admire the clothing, displayed in the frames while they wait for their transport.

Tags on the furniture show the location of the new store.

A newspaper can be picked up for commuters to read on their journey, explaining to them, in more detail about the fashion label.


Continuing the theme of moving house, these adverts display British birds carrying British objects to the new Ted Baker store, giving the campaign an air of humour.