Experience Design

This project required us to visit a museum of our choice and choose one object from it’s collection. Our challenge was to transform the way this item is displayed from an exhibition into an experience.

The item I chose was a colossal statue of Amenhotep III from the British Museum’s Egyptian sculpture wing. This statue only consists of the head and arm, as the other parts were in ruins upon it’s discovery.

Because the head and arm of the statue are so big (head 2.87m high, arm 3.3m long) I decided to use a 3D hologram to ‘fill in’ the rest of the statue which would allow visitors to see how it would have looked in it’s original undamaged state. I also chose to move the statue to the museum’s Great Court, which I feel is a rather unused space.

In keeping with the artistic splendor which Amenhotep III enjoyed during his time as Pharaoh, I decided that my experience would use projections to colour the museum’s iconic roof blue and yellow. These colours have become well associated with Ancient Egypt, but Amenhotep III was one of the first Pharaohs to employ this colour scheme in his palace.

I also wanted to incorporate music into my experience to create a real atmosphere within the space. I’ve included a video which portrays the music which works best with the Egyptian theme.