Final Major Project- Lincoln School of Art & Design Rebrand

LSAD is at a turning point in its history. This year marks its 150th birthday, and from September 2013 it will be housed within a brand new building, all courses will be under one roof for the first time in decades.

For my final project as a student I chose to rebrand LSAD, imagining it as its own art school and completely separate from the University of Lincoln.

The brand uses functional typography alongside a dynamic use of imagery to create a unique look for the modern day art school, focusing on the integration of students from different art and design courses with a strong communal theme running through the school.



Using simple layouts and typographical detailing, alongside vibrant duotone images, which are the core elements of the brands visual identity.


Made up from the art and design movements of the last 150 years.


Published every two months, this newsletter keeps students up-to-date with goings on at the school, to encourage the idea of a community within the School.

Talks Posters

Talks are frequently held at LSAD. However students rarely visit guest lecturers outside of their own discipline. Creating a standardised layout for the talks at LSAD and placing them all in one area encourages students to be influenced from a variety of subjects.


Many university websites suffer from being swamped with information, which can be daunting to visitors. This website uses a simple navigation system alongside dynamic hero images.

The hero image changes to express the sentiment of each page.

The ‘type to search’ feature gives the visitor a direct route to the page they require.


The yellow duotone images bring the brand identity to the School’s stationary whilst still providing clear legibility.


Business Cards

A different design for every subject

Stationery - Complete Set

Hoarding and Advertising

Showing how the city of Lincoln can be inspirational to art and design students.

Adobe Awards 2013