Magazine Design

Worked on as a group, this is a 21st Century culture magazine that appeals to a contemporary post-graduate demographic. Its main points of subject being language, communication, modern day people who shape our society, the way we live and what entertains us.

With the magazine exploring a range of subjects, its name changes with each issue. Being created with a random combination of characters from a keyboard. Reflecting the way in which technology has affected our communication with one another - a strong theme throughout the publication

Team members:


Sam Weston,

James Urmston,

Leanne Kitchen,

Dave Morris,

Ross Golding

‘No Love For The Label’ photo credits:

Ash Tanasiychuk,

Jonny Magowan,

Joe Perez

Austerity Measures - Photoshoot

As a group we were asked to create a photographic response to the topic of austerity measures. Using ‘Animal Farm’ to serve as a metaphor, we created a series of scenarios to display how the government’s cuts affect people in different ways.